Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yesterday I attended seminar given by the Filipino Press Club UAE
" Ang Trip ko, Dokumentado!" Travel Documentary Workshop at Marco Polo Hotel, Dubai...
and part of the workshop is to write at least 200 words in 5's like
on the spot writing contest when i was in high school.

The time starts and i don't have paper to write on...and 2 minutes is gone,
so, i started to write on the back of WS Handouts when sister elle gave me 2 sheets
(dami naman...ok yan para marami kang maisulat) of paper teared on her notebook..
it is last 2 minutes for the submission.

I have in mind about the Philippines here in i wrote SATWA (Filipino Colony in Dubai)
and unconsiously...(now i know!)...again, unconsiously...what i did is a MIND MAPPING of my story,
and i have to write it on a standard writing (horizontal) so, i wrote it horizontally (because in
mind mapping you have to draw it like a chart..see image above)..than suddenly Bro.Jay (VP of FPC) shouted...time is up!

wheew! i just finish it in 60 seconds...not the story! only the TOPICS!

And before the workshop ends...FPC chose my Travel Story as one of the six best writing.

And this is what i wrote....a Mind Map of my Story...

SATWA (Philippine Country in Dubai)

pinoy, pinay, bading, tibo
busy, people, restaurant, hospital,
hardware, police, thief, pasa load,
padala, turo-turo, gupitan,
sugal, 2nd hand books, 2nd hand cellphone,
sabong, tambay, ukay-ukay.

masaya at pinoy na pinoy
punta ka! tabi lang ng karama.

trip ko, dokumentado!

lulu supermarket parking lot
Muhaisnah 4, dubai, uae
9:14am, 24 july 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i just want to share how i make a proposal for photoshoot...
this applies to all kinds of photography projects quotations....
but of course you will not show everything on your quotation....
this will help you on which part of the cost you will delete in case 
the client wants a good price ...hmmm a discount...

note: amount is on dirhams.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is my outline mapping for my VR Workshop,
explaining the importance of vr photography.


i wrote something before on my new & old gears for my
VR Photography.


I remember this log when i am thinking about the logo for my website,
trying to think more creatively and the result is the LOGO below:

Visita Iglesia Draft Story

 Draft Story of Visita Iglesia for my blog

more stories here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off Stage Story Board

High School Love Affair
Drama, Action & Romance
Directed by: full circle

This was a very quick story boarding, creating a story and
a quick sketch of the took less than 20 minutes
to finish this and post (FB) the first part of the story....
which unfortunately...ends up on my first posting..."why ?"
i will post it later....for you to understand every details....

Kindly follow the link:

PhotoJourn Notes

29 April 2011

The Basic of Photojournalism was given by Mr. Paulo Vecina
/Senior Photographer of Kabayan Weekly at Oppps Training Center
at Omar Bin Khattab Islamic Center, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.

I just scribble this notes using mind mapping technique and shared it to my
fellow photographers afterwards.

Lunch Break 2010


This is a draft map for my blog
entitled: "LUNCHBREAK"

accomplished: 100%
kindly follow this link:

Filipino Runners UAE


This is a draft schedule of Dubai Marathon 2011
coverage for FRU "Takbo para kay Kabayan".

accomplished: 98%
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